Splash Max® Half-Time Set Monophase/Medium Body Bulk Kit (1:1)


Splash Max® Half-Time Set Monophase/Medium Body Bulk Kit premium VPS impression material boasts a low contact angle combined with high tear strength. With 99% recovery after stretching and compression, the results are highly detailed and accurate impressions delivering maximum performance with fewer retakes.

Splash Max offers:

  • instant hydrophilicity to capture intricate details
  • maximum tear strength and elasticity for impeccable results
  • excellent dimensional accuracy to prevent distortion
  • thixotropic consistency and ideal Flow properties
  • wild berry scent to reduce gag reflex
  • high-contrast color


  • (20) 50mL Cartridges

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pdf SplashMax Regular and Half Time Set Impression Materials SDS pdf 85.5 KB Download
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Watch as Splash Max® achieves the lowest contact angle within seconds

Splash Max® - 30-Second Dentistry™

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