Ultra-Bond® Plus Try-In Paste B0


Ultra-Bond® Plus Try-In Paste is a non-setting resin based paste which allows you to preview shades before cementation of porcelain veneers. The Try-In Paste simulation allows you to see what the veneers will look like once bonded in place with Ultra-Bond Plus or Block-Out®.

Ultra-Bond Plus Try-In Paste offers

  • preview of true reading on permanent cement shade
  • non-setting composite which may be applied and removed as many times as needed to determine shade
  • matching film thickness of Ultra-Bond Plus and Block-Out cement to accurately check fit
  • matching shades for Ultra-Bond Plus and Block-Out cement


  • (4) 1g Syringes of Ultra-Bond Plus Try-In Paste B0
  • (1) 3g Jar Tenure S Dab-Eze
  • (12) 18-Gauge Syringe Tips, Pink


Ultra-Bond® Plus - 30-Second Dentistry™