Virtuoso® Sealant Kit


Virtuoso® Sealant combines proven fillers used in flowable composites with a bonding enhancer to improve retention in pits and fissures. With Virtuoso Sealant, there is no need for an intermediate bonding agent and it comes in two shades; clear and opaque.

Virtuoso Sealant offers:

  • an easy application
  • proven wear resistance equal to amalgam
  • fluoride release for enhanced decay prevention
  • ideal bubble-free flowable consistency
  • precision needle tip for fast, precise placement
  • opaque and clear shades for versatility to meet patient and case concerns


  • (2) 1g Syringes of Clear Virtuoso Sealant
  • (2) 1g Syringes of Opaque Virtuoso Sealant
  • (1) 3g Jar of Tenure S Dab-Eze
  • (1) 3mL Syringe of Etch 'N' Seal
  • (20) 18-Gauge Syringe Tips, Pink
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pdf Virtuoso Sealant Clear and Opaque SDS pdf 194.3 KB Download
pdf Virtuoso Light-Cure Sealant DFU pdf 325 KB Download