Zen CP+ enlightenmint Gel 6PC


Zen CP+ desensitizing gel alleviates discomfort from dentin hypersensitivity by mineralizing and occluding the dentin surface and deep inside the dentin tubules.1

Formulated with innovative microsphere technology (CAPOSAL®), Zen CP+ features small particles consisting of amorphous calcium magnesium phosphate that penetrate the dentin tubules and rapidly release calcium and phosphate ions for intra-tubular mineralization of a carbonate substituted hydroxyapatite.2,3

Safe and Effective:

  • Does not contain any milk-derived proteins
  • Controlled degradation rate increases pH and promotes effective hydroxyapatite formation4
  • Minerals formed deep into tubules unaffected by wear and acid5
  • Low abrasion formula does not harm enamel surface


  • (1) Case of (6) 45g Tubes of Zen CP+ enlightenmint



1. Data on file: Psilox report R-1239.
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pdf Zen CP+ Safety Data Sheet 10/29/2020 Safety data sheet for Zen CP+ pdf 208.7 KB Download
pdf Zen CP+ Instructions for Use Zen CP+ Instructions for Use. English, Spanish and French 10/20 pdf 60.6 KB Download

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